Letra – Tormented – Single “Intervention”

Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: Gabriel Andrade, George Rolim

I am feeling tormented, I feel….
Something will happen
I’m in a haste,
Being trapped, can’t break the air around

I only see unhuman forms
A blur, a shining screen that comes alive

At the moment I just realize
The sensation of my mighty hands
I pike and tear it out from me

Fraying the life for a new born man
As track back to myself

Realizing we still convicted
We are non constricted lifes
Assuming that all around are mortify
What a cornered man…what I should do to…

Hear the whisper from the uprising ghosts
They are seeking for a guilty mind
The wicked one, destroyer of my judgment
I’m living blinded into my torment