Letras – Álbum – Intervention

Failure in your eyes
Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: George Rolim

Falls uncertain
From a tall, unfinished fragile line
All my live I been searching for a way to connect
Become a great exalted one

You might think that success lies here right beside
You should has a sense your conscience as a guide
Maybe caught in a stream that passes by
Just realize the failure in your eyes

I cannot take the despite disguised, the unnoticed
They should get me, adore my work
Where I’m heading? What the hell I’m doing wrong?

This need for an acceptance will
Drive you to despair and regret
Unchain yourself off this rain of false cheers
The true joy is build within your mind

Hunting for those kind eyes, real smiles, backing me!
Felling full diminished, unattended, broken down!

The Turnaround Motion
Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: George Rolim

Is this what I really want?
Get this what I exactly want
Treading life and death for a loan

Is this the reason I made the heal?
For this I didn’t mind to kneel?

Strive up my son!

All live is build from the hope
You extracts from the scars
Is this the reason I made the heal?
For this I really didn’t mind to kneel?

The distress frame by
The envy we deny that grows inside

Feel no pain, no beating inside
Casted a light by my mind
As my fellow dears are gone by
This white mist here held on my site

I’m a victim of a circumstance
There’s a reason wondered the “why”
The fear retained
We are not allowed to cry

Rebooting know the way
It should had been all this time
Just find the cause why
It’s make a sense, I diving inside out

Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: Gabriel Andrade, George Rolim

I am feeling tormented, I feel….
Something will happen
I’m in a haste,
Being trapped, can’t break the air around

I only see unhuman forms
A blur, a shining screen that comes alive

At the moment I just realize
The sensation of my mighty hands
I pike and tear it out from me

Fraying the life for a new born man
As track back to myself

Realizing we still convicted
We are non constricted lifes
Assuming that all around are mortify
What a cornered man…what I should do to…

Hear the whisper from the uprising ghosts
They are seeking for a guilty mind
The wicked one, destroyer of my judgment
I’m living blinded into my torment

Música: Gabriel Andrade, Lenine Matos
Letra: Lenine Matos, George Rolim

Here comes the sun
Here comes the dawn
Some things in universe
Create a god

Across the centuries
And don’t perceive
We are all the same
We’ll raise a strength

Here comes the sea
A Pure soul
Bringing peace
Before my eyes

Doesn’t realize
Such a system in borderline

We’ll fall as slaves
We’ll raise a strength

Instead of tolerating the victim change of life
We should look inside
How can I understand this foolish game?
There will be no winners for those who want power

Cast by the skies
Into the unborn night
This life has more for us
To realize

Instead of tolerate the victim change of death
We didn’t know
The great transition will destroy this circle
Creating order, restoring my peace

Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: George Rolim

We keep feeding the system that creates human profiles
Turning ourselves to puppets for a empty society
The once tough values, turning upside down
Digress and deceive leading the pace for…

From here arise the common sense that oversees us all
How and who defines all things as they are
The slaves of money and technology shall fall
We need to sight a better reference

The foe of people are not the machines
The foe of people is not the universe
The human thinking drives all the actions around
The human thinking drives the hand that points aside

Humanity claims for help
A man cries quietly
Don’t wanna free myself

…The hand that points aside

Is what we need for…
There’s no solution
Don’t wanna free myself

Profundis Fati
Música: Gabriel Andrade, George Rolim
Letra: George Rolim

Here I am
Once more now
Caught myself with my eyes on
Remembering a pass time

The innocence of an act
Seventy years have passed
Still trapped in regards like a movie scene
Around my destiny

Need your hand touch
Reaching my forgotten face
Words like a blow in the wind
Feeling from a…

Lost state, refilling me
Maintain a stillness
Clear ground that ligers
This tied condition

I screamed in agony and realized!
I could never! You cannot control your mind!
Fell for those years, I mesmerize!
I could never! You cannot control your life!

Building up from your hands
A new thicker world
No longer our life
Should be trapped outside

Fill the spirit of the modern man
The anthem from the inner self
Haste! Being more beat it all! Seize what you want
And take what you need!

Música: Lenine Matos, Gabriel Andrade
Letra: Lenine Matos

I understand what I feel in my mind
The world falls quickly on me
Between my hands I lose the done
Misunderstood, forgiveness

Common wisdom through the centuries
Failed in try to show
How men should live on Earth
Without love, without hope

Desire, I feel her
Even without you understanding
Apathy, I feel her
Instincts rise up

Every day a new sun insists on birth
Bringing forth the responsibilities
Will I resist the pressure?
Find a reason to live

Insecurity, I feel her
How not to give it up?
Insanity, I turn away
I will endure this fight forever

The Closure
Música: Gabriel Andrade
Letra: George Rolim

Wide eyes, dived inside
I must compile what’s different
Uncover the basis of my legacy
Define and play along

No claiming private, no keeping deep
Your lore of life that is still hidden in

The need to aid all the ones beside
Is buried within human condition

I complete as a true untied mind
Reaching my site as a solid framed light
Just aiming for all that is here ready to turnaround
Felling enlighten

My climb is leading me as a guide
I begging now, just let me rise to find the surface line